From Kapre to Ecological Conscience: Indigenous Beliefs and Practices and the Holistic Perspective of Environmental Ethics

Jeanette Yasol Naval


he paper introduces the holistic perspective of environmental ethics as an approach to bio-diversity conservation. Environmental ethics pertains to the application of certain moral principles in dealing with the environment. The holistic
approach presents a discourse that recognizes the intrinsic value of each member of the biotic community and the interconnection of all parts. The destruction and exploitation of one part affects the whole cycle of energy. Internalizing this,
interconnection enables us to accord respect to each part of the biotic community. The paper contends that our indigenous beliefs and practices manifest the holistic - approach. In fact, indigenous beliefs warn of punishments if sites like sacred mountains or elements like enchanted trees considered as abodes of powerful spirits or deities are trampled upon or are not accorded proper respect. Like the holistic perspective; our indigenous beliefs and practices require certain behavior lest we suffer the consequences of our actions on our environment.

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