Ang Daynamiks ng mga Historyograpiyang Nakapaloob sa mga Obrang Pinturang Relihiyoso-Historikal ni Carlos “Botong” Francisco
(The Dynamics of the Historiographies within the Religious-Historical Paintings of Carlos “Botong” Francisco)

Melanie D.P. Turingan, F.P.A. Demeterio III


Aside from being a famed painter and National Artist, Carlos “Botong” Francisco is also known for his historical works that were based on thorough researches on their specif ic contexts. As he delved into the f ield of history, he also unconsciously delved into various historiographies that shaped the discourses of historians who stood as his sources, as well as into the historiography that shaped his own advocacy as a visual historian. Botong has sixteen major historical works, and four among them have clearly dealt with religion. This paper used these four religious-historical works in order to explore his being a visual historian. This paper aimed at examining the hidden tensions between Hegelian and orientalist historiographies, and postcolonial historiography. This paper contains two susbstantive sections: 1) a comprehensive discussion on the physical characteristics, origin, location, themes, and contents of the four works, as well as their appropriate and inappropriate details; and 2) an analysis of the dynamics between the just mentioned historiographies.

Keywords: Carlos “Botong” Francisco, Hegelian Historiography, Orientalist Historiography, Postcolonial Historiography, Historical Works of Francisco, Religious Works of Francisco, Religious-Historical Works of Francisco, First Mass in the Philippines, Introduction of the First Christian Image, Introduction of Christianity, Progress of Medicine

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ISSN: 2012-0788