Sexuality Education in Secondary Schools in Iloilo City: An Assessment Study

Agustin S. Huyong, Alice S. Ferrer


This is a study aimed to generate baseline information on the status of sexuality education in secondary schools in the city of Iloilo. It seeks to describe the profile of teachers who handle sexuality education subjects; various topics and core messages in sexuality education per year level; the strategies employed in sexuality education; the various problems encountered by teachers in the course of teaching sexuality and the perception of students of sexuality education. Questionnaires and focus group discussions using an interview guide were used to draw out this information. From the different problems that surfaced from the study, improvements were suggested by the participants themselves. Knowledge about the extent of integration of sexuality education, teaching strategies in such education and perceptions of students and teachers on sexuality education courses in the secondary schools in Iloilo City would be valuable in providing directions for policies and programs for sexuality education at the regional and national levels.

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