Francisco F. Feliciano (1941-2014) <br> Toward Global Understanding and Appreciation of Philippine Indigenous Music and Traditions

  • Mauricia D. Borromeo National Commission of Culture and the Arts


In “Four Asian Contemporary Composers”, the author Francisco F. Feliciano affirms the notable influence of deep-seated yet evolving Asian music traditions in the works of Chou Wen Chung (China), Isang Yun (Korea), Toru Takemitsu (Japan) and Jose Maceda (Philippines). With erudite insights and illustrative pages, the reader is enabled to follow this perspective. Published in 1983, three decades prior to his declaration of National Artist for Music, Feliciano probably commenced a similar journey along this perspective with the three-act opera, “La Loba Negra” premiered in 1984. From the 1990’s onward, his subsequent compositions branched into other genres, but maintained a conspicuous and expanded relevance to Philippine cultural traditions. Thus, the citation as National Artist for music recognized his efforts toward global awareness of our rich indigenous music in his compositions. Brief references as conductor and educator will be followed by an attempt to highlight in the selected works the aforementioned facet of his creativity.