Investigation of the Structural Performance of Pinus Sylvestris (Scots Pine) as Partial Replacement to Suspended Structural Beams

  • Halivier C. Legaspina College of Architecture
  • John Arvin R. Manaloto, Ph.D. UP College of Architecture


This study evaluates the structural performance of Pinus sylvestris (Scots Pine) when applied as a structural beam, which focuses on flexure and shear performances. Testing and mathematical evaluation were necessary to determine the properties of this material in order to investigate its performance as a structural beam. Following the prescribed sizes indicated in ASTM D905 and ASTM D198, specimens for shear and flexure were manufactured with the application of polyvinyl acetate adhesive between each lamina within each test sample. These specimens were tested using static bending and shear/delamination tests in accordance with the two standards, and results were analyzed quantitatively using the statistical methods and internationally accepted methods indicated in the Design Standard of Philippine Timber and the National Structural Code of the Philippines (NSCP). The analysis of results has shown that upon investigation of Pinus sylvestris glulam with Polyvinyl acetate (PVAc) adhesive manufactured using the available technology in the Philippines, it is not suitable for construction or any uses that involve load-bearing capabilities. Further investigation is recommended to be conducted in the future in relation to this study. The conclusions made in this study may be used for academic references pertaining to the use of this wood species.

Author Biographies

Halivier C. Legaspina, College of Architecture

Halivier C. Legaspina earned a bachelor’s degree in architecture in Far Eastern University, Manila, and practices the architectural profession while teaching full-time at the same university where he graduated. He pursued graduate studies in architecture at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, focusing on the properties and design of timber.

John Arvin R. Manaloto, Ph.D., UP College of Architecture

John Arvin R. Manaloto is an Associate Professor of the Building Science Studio Laboratory of the UP College of Architecture. He obtained both his Master’s Degree and Doctoral Degree from the National Graduate School of Engineering, College of Engineering, UP-Diliman. He is the founder and Managing Partner of J.A.R.MANALOTO & Associates Co. an engineering design and consultancy firm as well as the Managing Partner of MANALOTO + Verceles and Associates, an urban and environmental planning services. He is the Executive Vice President-Director for Research and Development of SEMCOR Engineering Corporation. He is also the Vice President of the Project Management Group of Hawkstow Construction and Development.