Mapping Through Stories

A Landscape Walking Narratives Procedure for Cavite’s Cultural Landscape Characterization

  • Cathe Desiree S. Nadal, Ph.D. College of Architecture


Landscape Walking Narratives (LWN) is a landscape-based mapping procedure that came from the PhD research project entitled, “Capturing the Dynamic Character of the Philippine Peri-urban Landscape: A Landscape Character System Approach for the Region of Cavite" (2021). The LWN used a walkers-based cataloging procedure to collect cultural landscape narratives from walkers. LWN also incorporated oral history methodologies to find intangible cultural landscape features, resulting in landscape word clouds and graphs. This mapping approach pushed the boundaries of landscape characterization by demonstrating the ability to translate narratives into meaningful data formats to help in future planning decisions for Cavite.

Author Biography

Cathe Desiree S. Nadal, Ph.D., College of Architecture

Cathe Desiree S. Nadal is a licensed landscape architect (PALA, IFLA-APR) and academic (Assistant Professor and PHDDBE Program Director at UP College of Architecture) with a PhD from the University of Edinburgh. She also currently heads NCCA's National Committee on Architecture and Allied Arts and is also the Subcommission of the Arts - Assistant Secretary for 2023–2025.