The Mindanao Peace Process: Initiatives Toward Peace and Development following the Cessation of Hostilities in Southern Philippines

Alexander P. Aguirre


National Security Advise Alexander Aguirre believes that the Mindanao problem cannot be solved by the military option alone. In fact, the government is determined to settle the MILF problem through peaceful means, specifically through the Strategy of Total Approach. This course of action serves as the overall strategy in dealing with insurgencies. It consists of policies and programs that would effectively and simultaneously address the political, socio-economic and security aspects of the Mindanao problem. It aims to restore and maintain peace in Mindanao and to pursue the reconstruction and socio-economic development in the war-tom region. But while the government is committed to the peaceful solution to the conflict it will remain vigilant in performing its constitutional duty to preserve law and order, to protect the people from lawless violence, and ensure the nation's territorial integrity.


War and Peace; Mindano; MILF

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