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Andrea Gonzalo

Bio Statement First, attend to your own emotional burdens, then you can commit to someone else. 3- You avoid talking about your past. If you are going to share your life, be sure, to be honest. It is not about giving details of the past, but let your partner know who you are, why you ended your previous relationships,

what were your mistakes, etc. Says Kimberly Hershenson, therapist, that it is important for the other to know what has not worked in your life and if you keep the same behavior then, for example, if you remain unfaithful. For the expert, there is a small list of things you should know about your future husband or wife.

"If you have had depression, anxiety, abuse of toxic substances, etc.," she says. 4- About the money. It is undoubtedly one of the most complicated issues Combining personal finances is difficult and requires a lot of confidence.

Shadeen Francis comments that "hiding or lying about the individual's ability to contribute to mutual finances can be a painful betrayal." Clarifying everything on the subject can determine if you make a pre-nuptial agreement or the one that suits you. 5- About the children (If you want to have them or not).

It is another issue to address frankly, even marks a decision as important as to continue together or finishing. In this regard says psychologist Carla Marie Manly, that when a person does not feel free to be herself, frustration accumulates with the passage of time.

So before one of you grieves, explain why and how you want to move forward. 6- Pretending to be healthy or sick "Many people pretend to be sick, injured or have a chronic disease, that is extremely cruel," says Shadeen Francis. What is behind such behavior?