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Turgav Jody

Bio Statement alright folks you got Mitchell here again I'm gonna do another video it's a beautiful evening outside everything's starting to grow again all the snow is gone so I thought why not let's do something fitting and let's grow a let's grow some avocados so I got avocados right here I've done these videos before showing how to root them etc but the difference is here in the other videos I showed you the stages

but I could already pre-done them in this video what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna I'm gonna grow it I'm going to show you the route coming out and I'm going to show you the stages as it goes along to where it splits somewhere it actually comes out to the final product where it's actually growing leaves on it so we'll go right into her it's pretty simple ordeal first thing you're gonna need is an avocado nothing too crazy about it

just an avocado best ones to go for the ones that are squishy if they feel really hard and firm chances are that they're very fresh and right the ones that have sat longer would would simulate more the ones that fell off a tree and there the better wants to go it all day long so remember that cup I like to use plastic and see-through this way I can see what it starts to root and toothpicks very very very simple ordeal so all we're gonna do is we're just going to cut it in half but I'm gonna bring you down here so you can see it get you a better shot all right there we go I think that works so I've already cut this one in half and you can see right there

there's our seed okay so that's that's the part that we're looking for right there okay it's all I'm gonna do is pop it out just like so now you want to take this over and you want to wash it is a really really good plan before we get started because all of this gunk that's on there that's gonna turn to mold so we can see she's nice and clean now now here's the thing okay there's a lot of different people that do this in a lot of different ways and I don't care how they're doing it it's about how I'm doing it

and about how you should bedoing it this here Skinner I've done so many of these man take my word for it okay the skin needs to come off all the skin is going to do is the top part which is going to be above the water is going to harden because it's dry it sits there in the air and then when the whole thing's it's gonna crack down the middle before it sprouts this becomes a cap and it actually it actually hinders its ability to sprout and grow so you want to peel the skin off the whole thing so I'm gonna show you how to do that well