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Sidrath Komans

Bio Statement So we all need to do is try to figure out where we had this before.
We want to make sure that we get into the dirt, not just the rocks.
Actually, the aloe vera loves the native soil here in south Florida.
It’s pretty much kind of sandy soil.
Don’t say, “Oh John.
I live in south Florida.
I can’t grow anything.”
Well, grow some aloe vera, man.
This was meant for the sandy soil.

Of course, I encourage you guys to enrich your sandy soil with things like the rock
dust, the mycorrhiza, the trace minerals, the worm castings, and all of that good stuff
that I show you guys in my other videos.
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I have a lot of helpful videos that teach you guys how to grow your own food at home.
We’ve gotten down into the nice sandy soil.
We’re removing some of the rocks.
We’re simply going to take our torch – man, this guy’s pretty heavy – we’re going
to set in there, and then we’re just going to backfill.

That thing is majorly smaller.
It looks a lot more pretty, and I got a lot of aloe vera leaves and also pups.
Next, what I want to do is I want to show you guys how to use the aloe vera leaves.
Aloe vera in this form – if you just tried to bite into it, it can actually be not so
What’s happening right now is that there’s this yellow stuff that’s actually bleeding
out, and if you smell it, uuhh – it smells bad, man!
It smells like the worst BO you can have, and some of it actually just dripped on me.
That’s gross!

This stuff is called aloin, and this is the stuff that you do not want to eat.
You do not want to eat the green part or the yellow sap that comes out.
This is known as a laxative.
If you’re having special guests over that are your enemies, you could feed them this
stuff instead of Exlax, and they’ll be on the pot all day.
I’m going to show you guys next how to fillet properly your aloe vera to get rid all of
the aloin content so you could have the healing and most healthful part of the aloe, it’s
that clear liquid gel in the middle.