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How to Travel Comfortably on Long Flights

by dong ha (2018-03-26)

People appear divided on how they see travel; some like it the most, while others just don’t prefer to travel. Even among those who like to travel, long haul flights are always a nightmare. If you can afford a business class ticket, then it would be an entirely different matter. But if you struck with an economy class ticket and your destination takes 10 hours or more of flight time, you have to be fully prepared so that you arrive in a reasonably good shape at the end of the journey. Here are a few things you could do to ensure this.

Watch What You Carry

Most airlines are strict about the baggage limits they prescribe and people tend to split the cabin baggage to escape this. Several times, this might mean keeping the excess stuff below your seat and cutting down on your leg space. This can cause a lot of discomfort.

Wear the Right Outfits

The golden rule is to avoid wearing anything too tight or too loose. You may choose the best travel vest or the best travel jacket so that you feel comfortable in it while being seated on the flight for hours on end.

Have a Plan for the Hours

The professional flier makes it a point not to get monotonous on long flights. If you have just music, you may get tired of listening. If you carry work but again after a while you would want to do something else. Get to know what kind of on-board entertainment is being offered by the airline you have chosen to fly by and make a mix of all these and before you know it, you might realize your flight crew are preparing to landing. The advantage here is if you find you are not interested in the movies or music on board, you can carry enough of it on your tablet or mobile and obviously your earphones will always be on the pocket of the best travel vest or the best travel jacket you chose to wear.

Mind Your Health

The general advice given to passengers while boarding a flight that might take long hours to land at the other end is to drink a lot of fluids just before boarding. This is to make sure you are fully hydrated and avoid feeling a sense of dryness as the journey progresses. Some advice fruit juices, some claim energy drinks do the trick and others say simply drink water.

There are also a few things one can avoid in order to make the travel comfortable on a long flight. If you wish to catch up with some sleep on the flight, then stay away from consuming items that can affect sleep. Alcohol and coffee are typically items that can rob you of your sleep. Some travelers even resort to taking sleeping aids to manage their flight time. This could be an individual decision and can be highly dependent on each person’s ability to cope with such induced sleep.

Whether it is the best travel vest or the best travel jacket for the flight, some amount of planning and preparing a list of things to do, buy, carry and pack has to be done to make any long duration flight comfortable.